File Extension Information

.pdf reader

Viewing / printing documents that are in a .pdf format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, select the Adobe link and download / install it (it is free) ...  Adobe Reader

.pdf creater

It is easy to create pdfs. Use PDF995 (it is free) ...  Pdf995


In order to do view/print documents that are in a .zip format, you must have a copy of a program such as WinZip. Free evaluation copies are available ...  WinZip


No special programs are required to read .txt files. Any text editor or word processor should work.

Copying files from a web page to the hard disk on your computer.

To place a copy of a .pdf (or any other file) to your local computer (so it can be quickly viewed without connecting to the web in the future), right mouse click on the link, select "Save Target As", select the subdirectory in which to place the file, and select "Save". A copy of the file will placed on your local hard drive.